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I am Mutual fund investor mainly focused on SIP plan, but one day some of my friend recommended me Beeline "Systematic Equity Plan ", its 4 month with them my Investment has grown better with them in a very systematic way.

Jalpa D. Jayswal

I used to trade heavily on event day and in many of cases my earning was not up-to my rest day of trading than Beeline has shown me their “Investor Behavioural Chart “which has helped me in analysing my trading pattern and now I am better trader than earlier.

Mohan Naidu

I am a housewife and never wish to be a trader or investor due to scared of market volatility but Beeline Support towards news entrant was very much positive, today within 3 months of span with them I can feel that now I am an independent investor.

Mallika P Mehta

Earlier I was trading with good & Well known Broker, was not comfortable to trade with less known broker, but after registered and traded with Beeline , I feel I was wrong as small is always better and best.

Jayshree K Shah

Beeline is great and superb. I am happy to be part of their Family.

Vishal Joshi

Recommend to friends and relatives who ask for Genuine, as Beeline are never seen focused on Brokerage generations, their support and dedication towards services to their clients are Best till now I have experienced.

Parag Jain

Every broking company has referral scheme but Beeline has unique referral scheme up-to 2 layers which helps us to grow along with company. I recommended people to review their plans before opting any broking company.

Maniyar Harshit B

I am a working woman. Always keen to be part of equity as an investor. Account also opened with many brokers, but most of the brokers were keen on their brokerage earning from my side. As new to equity, I was not able to give them enough brokerage so their service towards me was also like last bench student. Then I tried Beeline, it’s just 3 month passed, but they are helping me to understand market, giving proper service as a new entrant in market.
I wish all the very best to them …..

Vinita A. Shukla

I am paying regular brokerage to my broker whether its traditional broker or discount brokerage house, but no one think on rewarding every client. Here beeline has a different reward program which give me impression of their value for every single client, not only on those who has better analytical skill or who is able to generate better revenue.

Pradeep Mehta